All marca elise pieces are designed and made by Elise Goncalves.

As a self-taught designer, I have always been drawn to the opportunity for self-expression through fashion and design. Marca elise was created to celebrate personal expression, while honoring the delicate process of slow, sustainable fashion through crochet and handmade pieces.

My designs and colors are inspired by our beautiful earth, to the elegant silhouettes of vintage fashion.

Currently based in Portugal, I gather inspiration from this beautiful country while continuing to create designs that capture the happiness and serenity I experience while bringing them to life.



With fast fashion practices continuing to present extensive environmental, social, and economical concerns, it is more important than ever to shop slow fashion whenever possible. As a small brand with handmade pieces, I am trying to do my part, and over time I hope to continue adopting more sustainable practices into every aspect of my business. 

My current goals for the near future are to ensure I use all sustainable packaging, to source only environmentally friendly materials such as 100% cotton yarn, and to take advantage of all local suppliers.